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iDPS Consults Netherlands

At iDPS Consults Netherlands, we choose to be passionate about a united and developed Africa. For us, we say Africa Must Develop (AMD).

Africa Must Develop (AMD)

Africa Must Develop (AMD) is a PAN Africanism group open to all Africans and non-Africans worldwide who are passionate about seeing Africa develop. This non-governmental group will serve as a medium to advocate for the development of Africa as a continent. We will strive to inform Africans that only Africans can develop Africa.

We will speak against corruption, injustice, bad leadership, mismanagement, carefree attitude of Africans towards corrupt governance and the failed system destroying Africa. We will advocate for African Unity. We may sound harsh in some of our posts, but our criticism is very constructive.

Our ultimate goal is that ”Africa Must Develop”. – iDPS Consults Netherlands Management Team


Support Orphans in Southern Africa (SOSA)


Africa Must Develop (AMD)

Training entrepreneurs in Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa.



Working to make children in Uganda happy by giving them a step in life.

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