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Professional Services Guided Towards Your Growth 📈

We’ve designed solutions for individuals and businesses ready to take their growth to the next step.

Professional Mentorship for Students

Do you need professional coaching and help with your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, a graduation research assignment or a particular course or module assignment? Are you seeking internship opportunities? Do you need help with your CV?

Then, contact us for professional help. In 2020, iDPS Consults Netherlands expanded its services to mentoring and coaching international students in European higher education institutions.

With over 12 years of experience teaching in higher education and offering professional development consultancy, iDPS Consults Netherlands is a one-stop solution for international students studying in Europe.

Professional Development Training

At iDPS Consults Netherlands, lifelong learning and continuous professional development are personalised for each client. We help our clients and workshop participants identify their strengths, capitalise on them, and identify and work on any areas for improvement. Furthermore, we will facilitate the process for our clients to explore and exploit the numerous opportunities in the dynamic global business environment.

Consulting for Businesses and Organisations

Achieve exceptional customer satisfaction, maximize profits, and secure a competitive edge in your industry.

How? By implementing effective organizational structures, fostering a winning corporate culture, and adopting best-in-class quality management practices within your company. Our seasoned experts offer customized systems, cultural transformation, and innovative solutions to empower your business to excel in reaching its objectives.

Project Management Consulting

At iDPS Consults Netherlands, we help our clients achieve their projects’ strategic goals, aims and objectives. Our partnership with our clients facilitates the projects and ensures they are delivered on time, on budget and on the scope.

As a result, all our clients successfully accomplish the defining, planning, execution and completion stages of their projects.

Technology Solutions Consulting

Technology cannot be ignored in this highly competitive international business environment era. Technology must be embedded in your business processes to ensure you stay at the top of your market.

At iDPS Consults Netherlands, we help clients match their business needs/ideas with the right and SMART technological solutions.

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